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"I was going to ask you to have dinner—it would be much more fun than lunch, quieter," he starts, oozing seductive charm.

"But I wasn't sure if you had a husband, and children. " asks Rose, who was divorced in 1980; a subsequent long relationship with Amanda Burden, a socialite and city-planning advocate, ended five or so years ago (the couple still has, says Rose, a unique relationship: "I am close to her children", whom he regards as "family"). "Well, we will have to stick with lunch," he says, pulling a face.

People say that we are there because of al-Qaeda, but there is no al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, they are in Pakistan!

We realised that we could really make a difference with engaged conversation with interesting people." By 1993, he had a show in his own name on Public Broadcasting Service. So, can you get anyone you want on your shows these days? His plate is a bowl of well chopped salad; my plate is an elegant array of artfully cooked cod. defense secretary] Bob Gates, Secretary Clinton and everybody else has done it. And there are other people I want on because I admire their talents, but haven't got. And I pushed hard to do Lucian Freud." He pauses, as he flicks through a mental Rolodex of famous names. Oh, and I always tried to get Marlon Brando and could never really convince him ...

"It's easier than it has ever been, but I still can't get President Obama to sit down with me," he admits, in a slightly confidential tone. "Harold Pinter did some with me—we had some wonderful conversations before he died! And I would love to have a conversation with Nancy Reagan.

There he grills a sequence of (mostly) powerful or fascinating people, on a set that is famously austere: a trademark oak table, with a simple black backdrop.

Contrary to modern media convention, he never sends questions to his audience in advance.

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