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" by Elizabeth Kolbert, July 21, 2008Anne Carroll Moore was born long ago but not so far away, in Limerick, Maine, in 1871.—"The Lion and the Mouse: The battle that reshaped children's literature," by Jill Lepore, July 21, 2008One day in 1995, Barack Obama went to see his alderman, an influential politician named Toni Preckwinkle, on Chicago's South Side, where politics had been upended by scandal.—"Making It: How Chicago shaped Obama," by Ryan Lizza, July 21, 2008In June, 2007, a thirty-nine-year-old unemployed physicist named Garrett Lisi arrived at a professional conference in Morelia, Mexico, to give a twenty-minute talk.—"Surfing the Universe: An academic dropout and the search for a Theory of Everything," by Benjamin Wallace-Wells, July 21, 2008In September, 1922, after the Turkish forces of Mustafa Kemal defeated a Greek army that had recklessly occupied the Anatolian city of Smyrna, members of Smyrna's Greek, Armenian, and expatriate communities were killed, raped, and robbed.—Short, uncredited review of , July 28, 2008On the morning of April 15th, a short video entitled "2008 China Stand Up!

" appeared on Sina, a Chinese Web site.—"Angry Youth: The new generation's neocon nationalists," by Evan Osnos, July 28, 2008The summer of 1949 was long and dry in Montana.—"The Eureka Hunt: Why do good ideas come to us when they do?

11, 2008One Sunday last February, a young woman named Kristen Smith left the parking lot of Bethany Baptist Church, in Plant City, Florida, and drove along a two-lane country road with a large gold crown on the seat beside her.—"The Strawberry Girls," by Ann Hull, Aug. Roger Wetherbee, an infectious-disease expert at New York University's Tisch Hospital, received a disturbing call from the hospital's microbiology laboratory.—"Superbugs: The new generation of resistant infections is almost impossible to treat," by Jerome Groopman, Aug.Plus, it gives the fact-checking department something to check!Detractors heave phooey on the magazine's devotion to straight chronology and dismiss the dated lede as "once-upon-a-time" hackwork. Chodoff, Peter Christensen, Horace Christgau, Victor Cindrich, Joseph Ciulla, Andrew Clague, Ewan Clarke, Mildred Clearman, Wilfred J. Cogan, Ben Cohen, Eloise Cohen, Joel Cohen, Louis C.

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