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In manufacturing, the rates of change are themselves changing.

Once companies which owned important patents (Pilkington, Xerox or Kodak) could dominate their markets, but now anything can be reverse engineered (ie, copied) in a Guangzhou sweatshop.

Banker J Pierpoint Morgan said to Alexander Graham Bell: "My colleagues and I have seen and discussed your invention, but we have determined there is no commercial future for it." He was referring to the telephone.

To have any value, a new idea must be disconcerting.The ICA insists on objectivity, defined as: "The state of mind which has regard to all considerations relevant to the task in hand, but no other." That seems to exclude the possibility of uninhibited free-thinking.The ICA insists on competence: "A member should undertake professional work only where he has the necessary competence required." This inhibits daring innovation.Pixie took to her Instagram - run by PR mum Roxy Jacenko- with a box of Sipahh Straws to encourage her 75,000-plus followers to bid on the mango treats with proceeds going to the Starlight Children's Foundation.'I dimmed the lights and tried to make a getaway with the auction goodies from Sipahh - busy body Roxy Jacenko in my face with her phone and the flash - does the woman ever do SUBTLE!!?? Pixie has been living a star's life in recent weeks - in August she had her makeup done by Norman 'Normie' Gonzalez, who regularly works for Australia A-listers like Jesinta Campbell, Kyly Clarke and Lisa Wilkinson. Google, satellite navigation, Equitrade, screw-top wine... these inventions and concepts will change our lives forever. To introduce our round-up of 50 great ideas for the 21st century, Stephen Bayley examines the history and theory of how sparks of genius are formed What were the great ideas of the last century?

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