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Reusable and foldable, this water bottle is perfect for traveling! And since she would be eating in the dining hall, her meals were taken care of.And forget about ever having to purchase another overpriced bottle of water at an airport. The next year, like many students, she moved into an apartment with her friends.

You don’t want to be that parent – you know you don’t.(Of course, as my daughter says, she is a student after all so “Cup ‘O Noodles” is considered a meal.) You need to put your name on...When it comes to sending kids off to college, the second time around comes with its share of rewards.You’ve got the dorm room shopping and move-in day wired.You book their flights and doctor’s appointments early and know just where to look on the college website for important info. Encourage them to sign up for Amazon Prime for Students. Since Amazon carries pretty much everything – toiletries, school supplies, printer ink, books, shoes, blankets – they can place an order and receive a package in two days with no shipping cost.

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Seriously, you can stay in touch and still feel connected to your kid without getting crazy about it.

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