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An appendix lists additional fonds and supplements to earlier fonds of personal papers received during 1995 from APÂ RF.

Those files have now been reprocessed and integrated with other RSHA records by the Bundesarchiv, Berlin-Lichterfelde, now Bestand R-58. A full-text searchable database based on the opisi is in preparation on a separate CD-ROM. et al in The CPSU’s Top Bodies under Stalin: Their Operational Records and Structure of Command (Toronto, 1996) and in article by the same authors “Les sources archivistiques des organes dirigeants du PC(b)R,” Communisme (1995, nos. Introductory essays to various sections provide revealing source-study analysis of the nature of the sources involved. A detailed analysis of the Politburo records, with emphasis on the recently opened protocols of Politburo meetings found in the Central Committee records (fond 17). A major complete publication of the stenographic transcripts of Cominform conference proceedings. There is no intention to include the files of the national Communist parties in the database of the Comintern Archives online (see those now available in microform below).. The Computerization of the Comintern Archive's International Project – guided by the Council of Europe, the International Council of Archives and the Federal Archive Service of Russia.” The International Newsletter of Communist Studies, 2000/2001, no. [Brochure]: Comintern Archive: Files of the Communist Party of Mexico, 1919–1940. The archive also contains new material on Stalin’s political life and his relationships with world leaders, including the complete wartime correspondence between Stalin and President Franklin D. More details about SDA see on the website of the Yale University: A printed leaflet (7 p.) describes the collections. The most comprehensive coverage of the history and organization of the system of Party archives available, this pamphlet, prepared as a text for MGIAI, gives a general, administratively oriented account. The sixth issue (1995) contains reports on recent international conferences and developments, including the projected computerization of the Comintern archive; an explanation of declassification procedures for CPSU archives; a list of recently declassified documents in RTs Kh IDNI; the RTs Kh IDNI regulation on the use of documents relating to personal privacy; a survey of the papers of Feliks Dzerzhinskii (fond 76); brief annotations of recent publications, exhibitions, and acquisitions; and a full bibliography of publications by the archive and its associates (1992–1994), including those in the bulletin itself. See the survey description of the “KAS-KOR” collection now held by RGASPI in: Paskalova, M. 1 (2005) for personnel files in fonds held by RGASPI in electronic version at the website “Arkhivy Rossii”: Introduction by Jana Howlett available electrocally: 92–135), and its collection and accession activities (pp. Includes a description of the former Central Archive of the Komsomol (Ts A VLKSM) as then organized. The fifth issue (1995) contains materials from a 1994 conference on the Comintern held at RTs Kh IDNI. See the new directory Kratkii mezharkhivnyi spravochnik o mestakh khraneniia dokumentov po lichnomu sostavu, Vyp. [Brochure]: Comintern Archive: Files of the Communist Party of Japan: Unique, formerly classified documents.

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