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Squatters throw burning trash from building balconies.

Mimi is addicted to heroin, and several scenes show her buying the drug, carrying it in a small plastic pouch or injecting it.

In the first half of the movie, when the characters are in New York, the colors are muted, in stark contrast to the sets and costumes when they’re vacationing in Abu Dhabi.

I can’t resist throwing a few photos of Charlotte’s Park Avenue apartment in while we’re at it.

When told that Mimi dances at a strip club he frequents, Roger cracks, “I didn’t recognize you without the handcuffs.” Tom is punched and kicked while being mugged.

After a policeman starts swinging his billy club, a riot breaks out, with punching and kicking. Angel smashes a lock with a trash can, and he sings about a woman offering him money to kill her neighbor’s annoying dog.

I wish we had gotten to see more of it in the movie.

It’s much more masculine and “grown-up” than the place she lived in as a single girl.Mimi performs an extremely suggestive dance in a skimpy leather bikini.She rubs her crotch when a patron offers her a tip. Roger, a struggling songwriter, mourns the loss of his girlfriend from AIDS; he too is HIV-positive. A close-knit circle of friends share all these during one year (beginning in 1989) living in New York’s East Village, a rundown neighborhood of squatters, homeless and bohemians who would rather suffer for their art than “sell out” and live a conventional, bourgeois life.

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