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You can also listen to radio matches of the 2018 World Cup.

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“In order to protect ourselves, we had a clause written in to the contract that said if Rivadavia defaulted on two consecutive payments it would lose ownership to us.

We didn’t expect them to use it to their advantage,” said Kristie.

Alone and now single-handedly running a growing editorial team of interns and a small commission-based advertising team from the front room of her rented San Telmo house, Kristie began to consider the legal implication of the paper’s existence.

Argentine law requires business owners to have a D. I card (equivalent to the British National Insurance card) or an Argentine native as the company president, so she put in a worried call to an Argentine businessmen she had met while networking in London.

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En 1934, adoptó el nombre de LS5 Radio Rivadavia a raíz de una disposición general del gobierno.

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