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He would use this module and create a task on Mturk, and thousands of Mturk workers would find relevant youtube video links and post them to the Drupal site.

Example 2: A university library has their book catalog in Drupal.

Example 3: An online community wants to create some initial contents to attract more users.

They can use this module to have thousands of Mturk workers contributes contents.

Based on a carbon-14 dating of the fibers, scientists dated the shroud to A. Other evidence, however, suggests that it is genuine.

One theory put forward to explain the medieval date determined by C-14 dating is that the fibers used for the test were either contaminated (from either the lab, or from the fire in 1532 that nearly destroyed the Shroud), or were not part of the original Shroud (the Shroud was patched by weaving new threads into the old threads).

The new data fits perfectly with a first century dating of the Shroud.

A list of articles manually classified by the Mturk workers is at Q: How to increase Mturk workers accuracy and get them work fast?

A: This is actually a hot research topic, and there's no definite answer.

It will be interesting to see how other scholars respond to this new data.

Sacred mechanical statues built in Egypt and Greece were believed to be capable of wisdom and emotion.

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The module at its current form is a minimum viable product.

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