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The butcher’s shop is popular due to its flavorful meat. Meanwhile, man’s body is found at a hotel near the butcher’s shop. Soon, more murders are found with similarities to the first murder. (Synopsis / Review) Film Story: Etto is an ordinary housewife. One day, from the alumni who moved to the next house, she gets to know her contact with Nozawa, her first love.I will contact Nozawa by chance, and Nozawa suggests to meet Eto once. (Synopsis / Review) Film Story: Andorina spent her half-life there when her younger parents immigrated to Mexico.In one of their quiet offices, one day they started calling the phone without knowing their intentions, ...(Synopsis / Review) Film Story: Kanzaki Ai is a senior admission to famous universities, and after graduation, he works as a lecturer at a famous entrance school.Even Kaguya continues to engage a man in the house of two men and declares that he will give 3p if he makes good sex BGM for Oobayashi ... Yuhei, whose husband is killed and father-in-law, can not resist sexual desire.I received sexual services from my father-in-law and bought other men with the money I received and filled my needs. (Synopsis / Review) Film Story: The sensuality of a fantastic female doctor explodes!

The chief of the Ninja Dance that attracted the men in the form of the idol and collected information was Chiyome.

It is a life without compromise for others to see, but the inside of her is the expectation that I received from my childhood and the cold The evaluation is always empty and ...

(Synopsis / Review) Film Story: Erina who separated the angel doll which is a token of love with her lover and went to the theater to watch a movie together one day.

She confronts Kasumi, who is in danger of being raped by the crowd and helps ...

(Synopsis / Review) Film Story: Hitomi runs a small lonely house With the help of her daughter Tomoyo, she always welcomes guests with her busy schedule.

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