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It is a bit of a dilemma for the straight guys who don't want any male attention. It's really too bad because otherwise he would have been a very good looking guy. The first guy I watched was ready to meet one chatter in person after a hello so maybe it's a glorified whore house although because obviously people are situated around the world probably not.

He's apparently done shows with some other guy earlier under a different name. They might not look like Sean Cody models but they are so sexy. Why are there always these cunts in the chatroom telling people to do a ticket show?

I love het dudes, it's a bit of a fetish, so I usually just stay quiet in their rooms and if I talk in the chat I act respectfully. His happiness was infectious.[quote]Someone was knocking on their door and they are saying it's the cops or something then they put their clothes back on. People in the chatroom were saying we were about to witness a murder. They're just decorating the Christmas tree naked and now they're posing for a Christmas card. Very pleasant, good-looking guy, hot body, who likes to chat, put dildos up his hole and play with his sexy, attractive intact cock. I think one older guy caressed the hot guy's ass a bit when he was shaking his hard dick in front of him.

I don't want to ruin someone else's experience just because I'm horny myself. I spent several hours on Chaturbate yesterday watching four shows.

There is guy currently on not taking tokens, you have to go to his Amazon to buy his college textbooks. One guy's screenname was his real initials and the year he was born.

How clever is that and what a great way to get you books paid for. Another was his real first name plus the name of his high school and the year he graduated. I guess they want to be found out by everyone they know?

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) but there's lots of speculation he and Jaden Storm had a falling out. It's possible that some ads at CB use Flash so try and install Adblock Plus and see if it helps.

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