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Compare: Mistaken for Evidence, where the same result is caused by a mix-up instead of intentional misdirection.And You Thought It Was Real, when an object that is fictional (such as a prop) is mistaken for being real.He and I always had similar tastes in mucis, so much of my collection was first introduced to me by him.On this most recent trip, he introduced me to a street performer, originally from Australia, named Dub FX.Dub FX has a very unique sound, using an FX pedal and his voice to build songs.After listening to his album for quite a while, I reached out to the singer for an interview.

I do my best to emulate all types of music this way but because of my taste in music I usually sway towards, trip hop, dubstep, jungle with a jazzy ragga influence.

The Untwist is when a plot twist is confused for a Red Herring because it's too obvious, but turns out to have been genuine all along. If a major star is used to sucker the audience rather than the actual characters, you've just been served Dead Star Walking, or at least an aversion of Narrowed It Down to the Guy I Recognize. Subject to being Spoiled by the Format: if they've just found a plausible suspect, but there's 180 more pages to go, well...

See also Chewbacca Defense, when a red herring is used to baffle your opponents, and Non Sequitur, when an event does not make sense in context. Warning: Due to the nature of this trope, unmarked spoilers ahead!

"The chief difference between the exceptionally knotty problem facing the detective of fiction and that facing the real detective is that in the former there is usually a paucity of clues, and in the latter altogether too many."A clue that leads in the wrong direction. Philandering as a motive is introduced for good cause, not just to set up suspicions about the wife's lack of an alibi.

A red herring is a good red herring when it interweaves itself into the story's events. The supertrope to Red Herring Shirt, Red Herring Mole and Red Herring Twist.

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I bought the headrush pedal and took it straight to the streets of manchester where I happened to be at that time and started playing around, eventually boss brought out the gt8 fx processor and the rc50 loopstation so i saved up and got that.

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