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  Quick comment   I was stationed in the US several times--Fort Campbell, KY; Fort Hood, TX; Fort Drum, NY--and my dog tags never bore the name of my next of kin or my hometown.Dog tags are 1.5" wide x 1" high, so very little information fits on one.It's likely we'll see more variations of denim in the future. Long before modern chains, mood rings, and funky charm bracelets, there were organic adornments.Jewelry was made from shells, flowers, vines and other natural materials.   German   Dogtag only included Unit ID and a Number. While the soldier was stationed in the US, the info on the dogtag included Name of Next of Kin and Hometown.As the official identification tags for military personnel, they symbolized patriotism and ensured soldiers would not be marked among the unknowns in the event of their untimely death.

  Now...there was talk when I was in, oh so many years ago, about creating a digital dog tag.These were known as trench watches, which were designed to incorporate features of the pocket watch and of the standard wristwatch.When compared to ordinary wristwatches, they were more durable and practical for use in combat.These small clocks could be fastened to a person's clothing or carried on a chain.Most were ornate and engraved with the initials of the owner or some significant words – perhaps some sentiment offered by the person who purchased the piece.

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