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So, anyone who is in the Palace can—and many, many people do—pose by the seal and no one stops them.

You can even do a little dance if you like, and it's not illegal, though some may find it improper—meaning, it's a question of taste. Refreshing informality for some is horrifying disrespect to others, but who is to judge? Whether fairly or not, public life involves public judgement.

The result is a superior rendering of the presidential coat of arms and seal.

Now, the presidential flag and seal have become a hot topic because of a photo shoot in Malacañan Palace, involving one of the president's grandchildren ahead of her debut.

The triangle is on the Philippine sun, as adopted for our flag, with the eight rays representing the provinces placed under martial law at the onset of the revolution against Spain.

The design was by the artist Galo Ocampo, who also designed the coat of arms of the Republic.

This was because people were more familiar with the American design.

During President Estrada’s term, the presidential seal was further modified to reflect the great increase in the number of provinces since 1952. To correct the errors that are possible due to sloppy terminology, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo signed Executive Order 310, correcting the lapses in terminology and representations that have crept in over the years.

A lot of commenters including media, have focused on the words that the flag and seal "are exclusively meant for the use of the President," as well as the list of purposes for which reproduction of the flag and seal are permitted.

The argument is, the executive order does not permit the seal being used in a photo of the president's granddaughter.

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