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You just repeatedly pull the trigger if you want to fire multiple rounds. The person who started the company was a man named Gaston Glock.When you combine this convenience with all the other aspects of the weapon, it explains why the Glock is a favorite amongst pistol lovers. Surprisingly, Gaston had no experience in designing or manufacturing firearms when he started his company.The police version (700P) is also available to the public and has enjoyed high sales numbers and the rifle is popular with shooters and hunters. The M24 uses the long action bolt-face, whereas the M40 uses the short action. The biggest modification for this rifle is the caliber conversion from .308 Winchester to .300 Winchester Magnum, which will allow the military with additional range capability and better ballistics characteristics.Remington offers similarly styled, less expensive versions under the Special Purpose Synthetic or SPS package. The program will change the weapon name from M24E1 to the XM2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle.Laminated stocks and heavy barrel versions like the Model 700 SPS varmint are available for varmint hunting and are extremely accurate.In 1996 Remington began producing the 700 ML, which stood for muzzle loading rifle for the black powder enthusiasts.The Model 700 series of firearms are center fire bolt-action rifles manufactured by Remington Arms since 1962, an according to multiple sources, is the most popular rifle in the world with over 5 million manufactured.

That way you don’t have to worry about cocking back a hammer or anything like that.There are standard consumer versions as well as versions designed for military and police use.Some variants come with bipods, slings, fluted barrels and other options.The two available sizes are the standard 24 inch barrel, or a 26 inch barrel and the X-Mark Pro Trigger which was designed for the Remington Tactical Long Range rifle.Remington 700 XCR Compact Tactical - This has all the options and features of the Tactical Long Range and Xtreme Conditions rifles.

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Remington Model 700P - Police Version The 2 models available in the 700P are the standard 700P with a heavy barrel and the 700P Light Tactical Rifle or LTR which has a heavy barrel that is 20 inches and fluted.

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