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Between the three of them, they have over 60 years of military service. S., (Gurkha Manpower Services), supplies cruise ships with security.The excellence of the Gurkha force has earned them a good reputation worldwide, and are often contracted out for security in everything from embassies to bodyguards. Most difficult for men is the distance from home and length of service, away from their families and friends. My guys often spend their days off over there, visiting with their fellow countrymen, relaxing and eating delicious Nepalese food.We're going to organize it so there's a trip every other weekend, which entails establishing a good relationship with the people who operate the train, as well as the rail yard manager.About 12 of us spent the day working out the logistics of the bi-weekly trips, as well as enjoying our own trip.Hanging outside & surrounded by razor wire, I think it'll stay for a good long while.

There was also a half dozen ex-Mercy Shippers who served with us in Liberia last year.As of March 17th, We've arrested 7 of the swimmers, most of which were just those trying to stow away on vessels here.I'm keeping pictures of those caught, so I know who repeat offenders are.This country touched our hearts so much that many who've left the Anastasis have either come back for a short time or moved here permanently.The Peet's were on the dock, as were the newly married Colbys, Ben and Natalie.

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A good meal can be had for $10, and it's probably the most popular among crew, and certainly my favorite.

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